Reference Data Manager

Manage your reference data on demand. Anywhere, anytime.


Get real business benefits

RDM is a web-based app that keeps your reference data up to date, valid, consistent, and available throughout your organization.

Clear ownership and responsibility

Effective data governance

Consistent data in all systems

SOA-ready environment

Correct DWH and BI reports

Seamless system integration

No compliance or 
risk requirements issues

High DWH/ETL development productivity, short release cycle

Consolidate data

Unify reference data scattered across many systems and manually managed documents.

Become flexible

Stop relying on expensive and rigid 
in-house solutions.

Set up integrations

Add workflows, data quality checks, and support for data governance processes.

On‑demand or on‑premises

Choose the deployment model that works best for your organization.

RDM on Demand

Smaller to mid‑sized businesses

  • Cloud subscription model
  • No installation, expensive hardware, 
or costly support
  • All popular Reference Data Manager features available as a service
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Unlimited access from anywhere

RDM on Premises

Large enterprises

  • Hosted on your servers
  • Full control over hardware, operating system, and underlying software
  • Full control over implementation, system management, and upgrades
  • Initial setup investment followed only by maintenance and support costs